intro to coding with p5.js

here's what we're doing today

  1. racing through a few political software projects
  2. introducing words and concepts
  3. playing with code samples
  4. letting you know about resources for continuing to learn

1. political software projects

2. words and concepts

3. examples

example 1: let's look at how we tell the computer to make basic shapes. we're trying to replicate some of the design elements from the anti-eviction mapping project's oral history map.

example 2: let's try to add an interface element called a tooltip. this example lets us learn about mouseX and mouseY and if/else logic.

example 3: this example shows how mouseX and mouseY and if/else logic can be used in a different way.

it's a piece by artist purin phanichphant.

example 4: this example lets us use assignment statements to create an animation.

this is from the p5.js animation example.

4. free learning resources